On-Campus Housing

Upperclassman Communities 2014-15

We are pleased to offer upperclassman communities for Fall/Winter 2014-15! These communities will consist of upperclassmen or students over the age of 19. Incoming freshmen (graduating high school) will not be able to select from spaces in the upperclassman communities.

When can I select a room?

Room selection is available now. For the largest selection of spaces, we encourage you to select a room through My Housing Account as soon as possible. However, you may select a space anytime.

Where will the communities be located?

Helaman Halls

Hinckley Hall 1100 Floor (Women)
Budge Hall 1100 Floor (Men)

Heritage Halls

9 Heritage Halls, 3rd and 4th Floors (Women)
10 Heritage Halls, 3rd and 4th Floors (Men)

Wyview Park

Buildings 1 and 4 (Women)
Buildings 2, 3, and 5 (Men)

Can I get together with friends?

Since room selection for upperclassmen will open to everyone at the same time, you will be able to hold the other available beds in your apartment for your friends. First, you will need the NetIDs of everyone in your group. Then you will select a bed as part of the room selection process. Make sure you select something in an apartment that has enough space for your group. Once you have selected your bed, the next page has a place for you to put the other beds in the apartment on hold for 1 hour. Enter the NetIDs of your friends that you want to have in that apartment. Once you have completed your agreement, they will receive a message in My Housing Account notifying them of the hold. They will then have 1 hour to accept the hold and complete their agreement.