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Area HR Consultants

Student Employment

Phone: 422-3562
Office: 2024 WSC

Awards & Recognition

Phone: 422-5723
Office: D-243 ASB

Equal Opportunity

Phone: 422-5895
Office: D-282 ASB


Phone: 422-4716
Office: D-240 A ASB

Staff & Administrative Employment

Phone: 422-3563
Office: D-70 ASB


Phone: 422-4092
Office: D-295 ASB

Human Resource Development

Phone: 422-5011
Office: 2001 JKB

Ecclesiastical Clearance

Office of the Assistant Administrative Vice President - Human Resource Services

Phone: 422-3861
Office: D-238 ASB

Employee Relations

Phone: 422-9065
Office: D-276 ASB

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