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Church-Service Missionary Procedures

When a department is approached by a Bishop or Stake President to accept the services of a Church-service missionary or in exceptional circumstances when a department identifies a need that could best be served by a Church-service missionary, Employment Services (2-3563) should be contacted to obtain a "Brigham Young University Request for Church-service Missionary Form".

The duties and responsibilities assigned to the Church-service missionary must be consistent with mission of the University. The service performed should assist the department in accomplishing this mission and provide the participant with a spiritual missionary experience.

Departments should review all resources needed to support the Church-service missionary to confirm the necessary resources will be in place on the day the missionary begins service at BYU.

The "Brigham Young University Request for Church-service Missionary Form" must be approved by the appropriate dean/director and vice president.

The completed "Brigham Young University Request for Church-service Missionary Form" should be forwarded to Employment Services, D-70 ASB, who will send it to the Assistant Administrative Vice President-Human Resources Services.

The Assistant Administrative Vice President-Human Resources Services will submit the request to the Human Resources Committee (HRC) for final approval.

Upon HRC approval, Employment Services will notify the department and the requesting Bishop/Stake President that the bishop may submit the Church-service missionary papers to the Church Missionary Department's local coordinator of Church-service Missionaries (801-225-4275) who will contact BYU Employment Services and then send a letter to the Stake President authorizing the call of the missionary. When the Stake President has made the call, the bishop sets the Church-service missionary apart (see pages 28-29 in the Church Handbook of Instructions and the Church-service Missionary Policy).

Please see Church-Service Missionary Policy here.

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