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Manage Your DMBA Account Online

Manage Your Benefits Online

Following are some of the things you can do when you manage your benefits online at

My Home Options

o   Manage Online Profile

§  Change Web Login ID

§  Change Web Password

§  Change Security Phrase

§  Security Questions

§  Family Member Logins

§  Manage E-mail Address

Manage Your Insurance Coverage

o   My Benefits

§  View your personal Statement of Benefits

§  Personal Information

§  Disability Insurance

§  Life Insurance

§  Change My Enrollment

§  Value Added Benefits

§  Update Dependent Eligibility

Review Claims History

o   Medical/Dental Tab

§  View medical/dental claims history/status for each individual member. (This includes your explanation of benefits (EOB) for specific claims in printer friendly format.)

Manage your Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

§  Submit FSA Claims

§  Deposit History

§  Elections and Expenses

§  Benny Card

§  Midyear Enrollment Changes


Manage your Retirement and Master Retirement / Pension Plan


§  View Savings Account Balance

§  Change savings contribution

§  Change savings allocations

§  Redistribute account balance

Quick Links

§  Find a Provider –Look up doctors/dentists/specialists/facilities covered by DMBA

§  Your Claims History

§  Submit FSA Claims

§  Access Your Savings Plan(s)

§  Check Your Symptoms



§  Forms Library – Download/Print many DMBA forms including FSA Claim Forms, Medical Claim Form, Privacy Authorization forms, etc.

Other Services

The DMBA website has an Education tab. Here you can view eight different options, providing relevant plan information, checklists for actions to be taken, etc. The options are as follows:

§  E-Learning

§  ConsumerWISE

§  Family Life Events Library

§  Career Life Events Library

§  Financial Planning

§  Financial Calculators

§  Medical and Dental

§  Health-Care Fraud

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