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Equal Opportunity Office

University's Responsibilities

Brigham Young University is committed to providing an environment that is inspiring, comfortable, productive, and safe and to following federal laws that prohibit unlawful discrimination. Brigham Young University is an equal opportunity employer. BYU prohibits discrimination (including harassment) based on age, color, disability, genetic information, national origin, race, religion, sex, or veteran status. BYU’s commitment to equal opportunity includes and applies to education and academic opportunities.

Equal Opportunity Office

The Equal Opportunity Office supports the University in its commitments to promote:

  • Responsible Treatment of the University Community. Provide equitable treatment of all personnel, students, and guests
  • Compliance. Help university community comply with BYU policies and state and federal law, as they pertain to equal opportunity issues, including Family Medical Leave Act and disability accommodation requests
  • Resolution of Grievances. Address and resolve allegations of discrimination as outlined in the following policies: Accommodation of Persons with Disabilities at BYU; Discrimination Grievance Process; Equal Employment Opportunity; Student Non-Discrimination; and Unlawful Sex Discrimination and Inappropriate Gender-Based Behavior
  • Relevant Training. Provide training for the campus population in equal opportunity and discrimination issues, including sexual harassment/gender awareness.

Filing a Complaint

Any member of the university, applicant for employment, or campus visitor who feels subjected to discrimination prohibited by law (or university policy) may file a complaint by contacting any of the following:

  • Their BYU supervisor or manager;
  • Sue DeMartini, Equal Opportunity Manager, at D-282 ASB, 801-422-5895;
  • Ethics-point at or 1-888-238-1062; or
  • Sarah Westerberg, Title IX Coordinator, at 801-422-2130 for student-on-student complaints of sex discrimination.


BYU is also committed to assisting individuals with disability who request accommodations. Employees seeking accommodation should notify their supervisor or the Equal Opportunity Manager. Applicants for employment who need special assistance completing the application process should contact the Staff and Administrative Employment Office at 801-422-3563.

The Equal Opportunity Team

Sue DeMartini, Equal Opportunity Manager

Scott Elkins, Managing Director ER/EEO 

Katherine Emerick, Administrative Assistant 

Abby Clark, Graduate Intern

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