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Conference 2008

Talks Speakers

Practical Truths: Principles that can Keep us Safe in a Dangerous World

Dr. Anderson will present a conceptual model based on gospel principles. This model gives us concrete tools that can inform our personal decision-making, help us choose healthier relationships, guide mate-selection, and help us live as non-victims in an increasingly telestial world. It also helps us examine where we are in our progress toward living a more Christ-like life and helps us know how to more effectively move forward toward fulfilling our part in the Plan.

Hosted by: Lili Anderson

Lili Anderson

Faith: The Antidote for Fear

When faced with an unforeseen challenge, fear is the "knee-jerk" reaction. Although each of us will know something of fear in our journey through life, faith can be a guide post to cast out fear and enjoy greater happiness. In this presentation, learn of the ways that Joseph Smith, and the Saints he knew and loved, faced fear and found greater faith.

Hosted by: Susan Easton Black

Recognizing, Facing, and Overcoming Fears in Relationships

This session will address common fears and their impact on relationships. Emphasis will be given to overcoming fears through preparation, knowledge, faith and perfect love.

Hosted by: Kent Brooks

My Conversion Story

A native of South Africa, Sister Brummer is a convert to the Church. She will share her unusual and inspired upbringing, her conversion story, mission and the unique experiences she had while translating selections from the Book of Mormon into Xhosa--the “clicking language”.

Hosted by: Judy Brummer

Judy Brummer

Rough Start, Great Finish

The scriptures repeatedly show that you have to go through the wilderness to get to the promised land. It was true for Lehi and his family, and it’s true in our personal lives. Many people who had a rough beginning end up having a great finish. Using true examples from the lives of well-known individuals, this motivating presentation shows that your current problems will not prevent your future success. In fact, your current problems may prepare you for your future success!

Hosted by: John Bytheway

John Bytheway

Happiness Amidst Death, Destruction and Depression

How to stay happy and progress during what seems like the worst of times. Life always has twists and turns you aren’t expecting--how to get the best of what you “think” is the worst.

Hosted by: Richard Healey


Some people consider faith an attitude or a state of mind. They make a clear separation between faith and works. But can the two really be separated? Our challenge in life is to meld our faith and works, and there are some effective ways to make that happen.

Hosted by: Dane & Kathleen Hughes

Kathy Hughes
Kathy Hughes

Confidence in the Lord's Love for You

We will discuss the dynamics of coming to that confidence and how that helps you to serve and lead others.

Hosted by: Barbara D. Lockhart

Living in the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times

Robert J. Matthews will discuss the dramatic impact that belief in the Restoration can have in our personal views of the past, present and the future, and the influence of such belief on our present lifestyle. There are two major factors: Acceptance of a divine master plan; and belief in the Latter-day establishment of the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times.

Hosted by: Robert J. Matthews

Doubt Not. Fear Not.

Because we live in times of uncertainty, it is difficult to pursue a righteous course without doubt, to proceed in the face of opposition without fear. But there is an eternally simple way that lies beyond this world’s complexity. Jesus Christ knows the way because He IS the Way. Jesus promises to dispel doubt and fortify our faith. In and through Him we open ourselves to peace and sacred assurance.

Hosted by: Robert L. Millet

Be Not Afraid, Only Believe

None of us has the talent and wisdom to handle all that is required of us, but we know the Lord. His grace is the enabling power that strengthens us to accomplish what we could never do alone. The Savior’s teachings do not communicate that we have to do everything on our own before His grace will make up the difference. They bear witness that we need to put Him first and all else will fall into its proper place. “In the strength of the Lord, [we] can do all things.”

Hosted by: Camille Fronk Olson

Dance in the Light

The BYU Dancers’ Company shares their powerful and beautiful dancing with people across the globe. Their light has inspired many of God’s children in countries such as Cambodia, Jamaica, and Argentina and at college festivals where they stand out as being exceptionally talented and yet unwavering in their conviction to share art that uplifts and celebrates life. With slides, video and discussion this presentation shares the idea that Heavenly Father will help us use and magnify our own gifts if we have the courage to share them and to dedicate them to the building up of the kingdom.

Hosted by: Rebecca Wright Phillips

The Fortification of the Temple

The role of the temple in the restored gospel and how it can help members in the last days “be not afraid” (Mark 5:36) and continue their steadfast belief in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Hosted by: R. Kirk & Karen Strong

But I Don’t Want to Look Dumb

How fear can interrupt our growth and cause us to miss opportunities.

Hosted by: Marie Tuttle

Marie Tuttle

Being a Disciple of Christ All Day Long

When we take upon ourselves His name we are then given the power, and the responsibility, to act in His name, have His spirit to be with us and therefore should move without fear or doubt. Our confidence can truly wax strong in the presence of the Lord, and in all of our duties.

Hosted by: Stephen M. Weber

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