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Conference 2009

Dream a Little Dream

Discovering yourself you discover your dreams… one of the priceless gifts you could ever give yourself.

Hosted by: Jill Shepherd

Spiritual Gifts and Parenthood

This presentation will explore how spiritual gifts can enhance our role as parents. Many spiritual gifts are best developed and refined in the rich soil of family life. Those gifts are developed by personal effort and as a grace from God.

Hosted by: Gordon Linday

The Gift of Positive Energy for Optimal Health

Does positive energy and positive psychology really impact our health? Is positiveness a gift that only some people are blessed with, or can it be developed? Current research gives us the answer to these questions.

Hosted by: Keith Karren

Protecting Marriage and Family as Special Institutions in the Law, Cornerstones to the Pursuit of Happiness

Dr. Wardle will discuss the Historical context of marriage, social recognition and support of marriage and family and the current movement to protect and revitalize marriage.

Hosted by: Lynn Wardle

Spiritual Gifts: When One is Not Enough

When we think of spiritual gifts, we typically imagine ourselves as having one or two, which we think should probably satisfy us for a lifetime. But on second thought--don't the Father and the Son have every spiritual gift? If our goal is to be like them, then our quest must be to receive every spiritual gift, using each in the divine work of life-long learning and loving.

Hosted by: Lauri Haddock

“For a Little Season”: Moving Forward with Life When Life Doesn’t Seem to Move Forward

At times, life seems full of delays, disappointments, and distractions. How can we move forward with faith when progress seems stalled? This presentation will discuss principles from the scriptures and latter-day prophets about how to learn from and make the most of life’s detours.

Hosted by: Scott Esplin

Gifts Extended to Women in D&C 25: Empowering Women in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In Doctrine and Covenants 25 Joseph Smith acted as voice for the Lord in giving his wife Emma a blessing. While the Lord made clear that this was not a revelation for Emma or for women only, the blessing had huge implications in women’s lives. This presentation will consider women’s circumstances in 19th-century America, the blessings and promises articulated for women in D&C 25, and the realization of many of these blessings from that time forward into our day.

Hosted by: Kristine Frederickson

Exemplifying the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Baseball

With baseball as my background, I will share some experiences both funny and inspirational that show that all members can use their individual gifts to be influential missionaries for the church. As the baseball coach at Brigham Young University, I recognize the importance of setting the right example to promote the gospel on and off the baseball diamond.

Hosted by: Vance Law

The Gifts of Latter-day Saint Leadership

It is no secret that leadership is very important to Latter-day Saints, and thus it is no surprise that members of the church have become internationally known as effective leaders and followers. What are the practical, organizational, doctrinal, and spiritual principles that shape the contours of the universal LDS leadership experience? Are these skills numbered among “the best gifts&rsquo that all people can and should seek?

Hosted by: John Welch

Digging into the Book of Mormon

Just as archaeologists dig into the ground looking for insights into past civilizations, we can unearth hidden treasures of our own as we dig through the scriptures looking for spiritual gems. This presentation will use cutting-edge archaeological data to provide both historical and spiritual insights into the Book of Mormon and paint a vivid picture of their ancient civilization.

Hosted by: Mark Wright

The Spiritual Gift of Music

This presentation will discuss the relationship of the Spirit with great music, how to be spiritually influenced by great music, and the value of listening to the music of the great composers. Also discussed will be how the great composers relied on the Spirit to compose their works. Examples will be listened to, to illustrate their compositions.

Hosted by: Richard Anderson

&lhquo;Tis a Gift to be Simple

I wish to express deepest appreciation for all that BYU staff employees do to support and encourage faculty academic excellence and to guarantee the high quality education of our most precious resource, the valiant youth of today. I plan to discuss some down to earth ways that we can all simplify our lives. Through application of these concepts we can accomplish what is most important: to inspire our students and fellow workers to even higher standards of excellence.

Hosted by: Sandra B. Allen

Commitment & Pursuit: Climbing Your Mt. Everest

In the spring of 2000, Stacy Taniguchi was hired to guide a climber who was attempting to be the oldest climber to summit Mt. Everest. Mt. Everest, at 29,035 feet, is the highest geographical point on the planet and to climb it is no “walk in the park&rsquo. What it takes to climb Mt. Everest has many applications in our professional life and Dr. Taniguchi will share his insights on how you may apply your talents to the benefit of your profession and others.

Hosted by: Stacy Taniguchi

Out of Small Things Proceedeth That Which is Great

Each of us is given “great gifts” no matter how small or insignificant we feel we are. By realizing our full potential we can each magnify the fits we have been given.

Hosted by: Merrill Jenson

Religious Crossroads Conversations with Youth

How to talk with youth about religious questions and issues. What to do and what not to do in religious conversations with youth. Presentation of findings from research on parent-youth religious conversations.

Hosted by: David Dollahite

HumorU Comedy Club

HumorU is a club that provides BYU students specific focused opportunities to develop the gift of humor through writing, rehearsing, and performing stand-up comedy. We are constantly writing and producing new material. We produce a new show approximately every six weeks and then perform it multiple times in a given week.

HumorU was started in the fall of 2006 by a graduate student who had too much free time and thought he was funny. There were other comedy groups at BYU that performed sketch or improvisational comedy, but no place for stand-up. The niche was waiting to be filled. Humor U quickly attracted some of the funniest performers at BYU and already has the largest crowds of any stand-up comedy club in Utah.

HumorU will be having their next performance of new material on March 20 in the Maeser auditorium and March 21st in the Varsity Theatre. They will also perform a very special “Best of Ever” show twice in the Pardoe Theater April 11th.

Hosted by: HumorU

The Gift of Grace: The Enabling Power

This presentation will explore the gift of grace, the enabling power of the Atonement: what it is; how we receive it; and how it can be extended through us to others.

Hosted by: Kent Brooks

Seeking the Gift of Personal Revelation

Lili De Hoyos Anderson is a first generation American. Her mother is French and her father is Mexican. She was born in a little border town in Texas, but her family soon moved to the Midwest, where she grew up in Michigan and Indiana. When she started high school, both her parents began teaching at BYU, so the family moved to Provo and she graduated from Provo High School.

Hosted by: Lili De Hoyos Anderson

The Gift of Challenge and Adversity: Creating the Best Life

Life with its opportunities for growth, challenge and adversity, is itself among the best gifts. Yet, our culture may lead us to seek false gifts in our pursuit of happiness? Recent research in the area of happiness provides interesting and insightful perspectives on what leads to the best life. We will discuss how to seek the best gifts, those that truly enrich and bless our lives.

Hosted by: Mark Widmer

Come Build Your Faith through Music and Inspiring Stories

“I would exhort you that ye deny not the power of God: for He worketh by power, according to the faith of the children of men" Moroni 10:7. "If a person gains more knowledge and intelligence in this life through his diligence and obedience than another, he will have so much the advantage in the world to come. D.C 130:19. This class will help us all call upon the enabling power of the Lord to bring us greater joy!

Hosted by: Kathleen Lindsay

The Pygmalion Effect: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Would you like to learn how to successfully teach mathematics to a horse? To a greater degree than we realize, we mold and shape those around us, even animals! Consciously or not, we tip others off to what our expectations are of them. Join us as we explore the world of expectations.

Hosted by: Neal L. Cox

Write Your Self: Turning Experience into Creative Nonfiction

In the past decade creative nonfiction has exploded as a genre, and its varieties are only limited by the writers’ imaginations. We will talk about how to turn your experience into publishable writing.

Hosted by: John Bennion

The Family Enrichment Program: A Beacon of Hope to the World

“The Family Enrichment Program: A Guide for Strengthening Families through Weekly Family Night” (FEP) is a tested, multi-national tool for strengthening families that teaches the process and importance of holding Weekly Family Nights. The Family Enrichment Program has been translated and published in more than 20 languages and is being used to strengthen families throughout the United States and in more than 50 countries worldwide. The Family Enrichment Program is one of the nine “Standard Area Initiatives” of Humanitarian Services of the LDS Church.

Hosted by: Wendy Sheffield & Shirley Cox


Hosted by: Marielle Smith

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