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Summary of Benefits Programs

Brigham Young University provides a number of benefit programs for regular full-time faculty, staff, and administrative personnel. Included among them are the programs in the following brief overview:


A five-part core package of insurance plans offered through Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators (DMBA) is available for personnel, their spouses, and dependent children (under age 26). The university pays a substantial portion of the premium. The exact amount varies with the plan selected. The plan includes coverage in the following areas:

Medical Insurance - Four medical insurance plans are available with varied plan designs, coverage, and premiums. For details visit (1), (2) Go to "Prospective Employees", (3) Employer Code: b03; password:  Benefits, (4) select "Health Insurance Options".

Dental Insurance - Two dental plans are available. Coverage varies according to the option chosen. For details visit (1), (2) Go to "Prospective Employees", (3) Employer Code: b03; password:  Benefits, (4) select "Health Insurance Options".

Group Term Life Insurance - This plan provides a basic coverage of $50,000 for the employee. The employee's spouse and dependent children may also have $2,000 of life insurance coverage under this plan.

Occupational Accidental Death and Dismemberment (Employee coverage only) - Provides coverage if the employee suffers a loss of life, limb, hearing, sight, or voice due to an accident that occurs while actively working on the job.

Disability Insurance (Employee coverage only) - Provides an amount of income protection if the employee is temporarily, partially, or permanently disabled.


The following programs are available to provide additional insurance coverage for personnel, their spouses, and dependent children. The participant pays all premiums.


Supplemental Group Term Life Insurance - Additional life insurance protection is available at group rates for employees, spouses, and dependent children. A health questionnaire will need to be completed.

24-Hour Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance - Additional insurance protection is available for employees, on or off the job, for loss of life, limb, hearing, sight, or voice due to accident. Coverage for spouses and dependent children is available.


Pension Plan - The Deseret Mutual Master Retirement Plan is a university-funded "defined benefit" plan. Five years of employment are required for vesting, (i.e. ownership). At retirement, benefits are calculated based on employee's age, salary history, and years of service. The Master Retirement Plan, combined with Social Security, supplemental retirement programs and personal savings, provides an overall retirement income.

Supplemental Retirement Plans - Provides excellent opportunities to build a supplemental retirement income of long-term savings. Employees may participate in one or all of the plans. A contribution of 1% to 6% of salary to the DMBA Thrift Plan will qualify the employee for a matching contribution of 1% to 6% of salary from the university. Employees may contribute more than 6% but the maxium match from BYU is 6%.  Legal and plan restrictions apply to the plans regarding participation, eligibility, contribution limits, and withdrawals. Available plans include:


Employees may contribute a percentage of their salary to three investment options: before-tax 401(k), after-tax Roth 401(k), or after tax 401(a). A variety of investment funds are available.


The TIAA/CREF plans are 403(b) savings plans. Employees may contribute a percentage of their salary to TIAA/CREF accounts on a before-tax basis. A variety of investment accounts are available. BYU does not match contributions to TIAA-CREF.

Loan Provisions-The IRS restricts withdrawals from retirement savings accounts. However, loan provisions allow access to the Deseret Mutual Thrift plan savings while the participant is employed.  TIAA/CREF ROTH IRA

Employees may contribute to a TIAA/CREF Roth IRA on an after-tax basis. Earnings grow tax-free if withdrawn after 5 years and age 59½.


Deseret Mutual offers a program for a reserve spending account that allows a person to pay, with tax-exempt dollars, some medical/dental and dependent care (day care) expenses not covered by the employee benefit plans.


Regular full-time faculty, staff, and administrative personnel may register for up to a maximum of six credit hours per semester and will not be required to pay the cost of tuition. This benefit is applicable to regular undergraduate or graduate courses. Special approval is required for classes taken during normal work hours (7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.).

After personnel have reached age 30 or have completed five years of employment, their spouse and dependent children may be eligible for tuition benefits. Spouses are eligible for a full tuition benefit, undergraduate or graduate, for an unlimited number of credit hours. Credit hours taken by a spouse enrolled in a graduate degree-seeking program are a taxable benefit. Dependent children are eligible for a half-tuition benefit for undergraduate work at BYU-Provo and BYU-Idaho. Benefits for dependent children end when they receive a bachelor's degree, complete 152 BYU credit hours, or reach age 30.


Full-time personnel and eligible family members may take advantage of the following campus privileges:

  • Use of University Library
  • Bookstore discount
  • Free parking in University parking lots
  • Identification card
  • Use of Physical Education facilities
  • Purchase of tickets for athletic and cultural events at reduced prices


The university grants several paid holidays each year (New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, July 24th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the day following, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day).


Faculty members do not accumulate vacation hours. Depending on their contract, faculty members usually receive time off during holidays, Christmas break, school breaks, and at least one month during spring/summer terms.

Administrative employees earn 176 vacation hours (22 days) per year.

New staff personnel accrue one day of vacation for each month worked (96 hours per year). Vacation accrual time increases with length of time employed.


Faculty members do not earn sick leave. Other faculty members share the workload during a colleague's short-term illness.

Administrative and Staff personnel earn eight hours of sick leave per month.

For more detailed information on these programs, please contact:

BYU Benefits Services
D-240 ASB
Provo, UT 84602
(801) 422-4716
Fax: 801-422-0306

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