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Part-Time Postings

Beginning March 2002, the general practice of posting approved part-time category I and II positions was reinstated.

Fairness Perspective / Employee Morale

The process of filling jobs must be fair, open, and provide equal opportunity for all applicants.

Enriched Applicant Pool

From a business perspective, it is critical to find and hire the most qualified candidate who best matches the requirements of the position and fits the personality of the organization. This is most effectively accomplished via an enriched applicant pool. This premise is true even when a potentially excellent candidate is identified prior to opening a position. It is not uncommon that a better candidate will emerge when the position is posted.

Equal Employment Issues

While Title VII does not explicitly require that job openings be posted, in the event of a claim of discrimination, an organization would have to defend why positions are not generally open to everyone. For example, if a position (promotion or otherwise) is simply given to a white male, female and minority candidates could claim they were discriminated against because they didn't have equal opportunity to apply and be considered for the position.

Affirmative Action

Government contractors have a more stringent standard when it comes to posting positions. Contractors are required to engage in "affirmative action" meaning that efforts are undertaken to generate qualified applicants from various groups (i.e. minority, female, veterans, disabled). Organizations are expected to engage in "good faith" efforts to recruit minority candidates. Even with a conservative interpretation, this explicitly means opening positions for applications. When opened to outside applicants, the positions must be listed with the Department of Workforce Services, with a few exceptions.

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