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Employee Relations Office

Brigham Young University values each individual employee and desires them to succeed in their respective responsibilities.  There are times when concerns surface regarding the working environment or when performance is not meeting expectations.  In those cases, Employee Relations provides counsel, advice, and training to managers and employees to help them resolve conflicts, solve problems, address complaints, and reveiw grievances.  For assistance in these areas, please contact the Employee Relations Manager.

The Office of Employee Relations helps interpret BYU policies and procedures as they relate to the workiplace.  We also monitor and interpret state and federal employment laws to help you understand and follow these laws as they apply to your working environement.

Management Consultation 

Contact should be made with the Office of Employee Relations for any of the following reasons:

  • Possible termination of an employee (full-time staff or administrative, and part-time category II or category I)
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Problem Resolution
  • Counseling
  • Employment-related questions


Employee Relations is responsible to administer the unemployment compensation program at BYU. We work with state agencies to provide information to help the state determine unemployment insurance eligibility for former employees.  We provide unemployment compensation reports, appeals, and hearing processes for the University.  We also represent the university at unemployment court hearings.

Worker's Compensation

The Office of Employee Relations coordinates job-related decisions involving Worker's Compensation and/or disability processes.


Employee Relations conducts training seminars on the following:

  • Developing Positive Employee Relations
  • Legal Landmines
  • How to Deal with Difficult Employees
  • Exit Interviews

Exit Interviews

The Office of Employee Relations provides employees who are terminating their employment an opportunity to participate in a confidential exit interview, which allows for candid evaluations of their work environment and experiences at BYU.

The Employee Relations Team

Scott Elkins, Managing Director ER/EEO

David Tueller, Employee Relations Manager

Katherine Emerick, Administrative Assistant

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