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Student Hourly Wage Rates

Hourly Wage Rate Schedule for Student Employees

    • Entry-level Positions: $7.25 to $7.70
    • Experience or extensive training required: $7.75 to $9.50
    • Office/Clerical Work, Lead Positions, Technicians, Operators, Security, etc: $7.35 to $9.85
    • Exceptionally skilled or experienced: $9.90 to $16.10
    • Computer programming, web development, training, technical experience: $8.45 to $12.95
    • Certified or exceptionally skilled: $13.00 to $17.75
  • GRADE LEVELS 4 & 5 (Specifically Academic-related Jobs)
    • This category is provided for students employed to perform work requiring training or experience in a major field of study. It is understood that students will perform work requiring various levels of knowledge and skill, and therefore may be paid any rate from the minimum to the maximum allowed for their education level, based upon the actual work performed.
    • Level 4
      • Fresh/Soph: $7.25 to $10.95
      • Junior: $7.50 to $12.10
      • Senior $7.75 to $14.50
    • Level 5
      • 1st Year Graduate: $8.10 to $17.20
      • 2nd Year Graduate with work experience: $8.70 to $18.10
      • Master’s Degree or Doctoral Candidate with two years’ work experience: $9.95 to $18.40

Pay Differentials

Hourly pay differentials may be considered where the work shift is early morning or late night, or working conditions are extremely unpleasant. The recommended range is $ .50 to $1.00 per hour to be added to the student’s base pay. Example: a night shift differential for working 12 midnight to 4 a.m.

Posting Student Positions

It is recommended that departments post student jobs whenever possible for fairness and in order to get the best pool of qualified applicants.

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