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Post-Retirement Employment Procedures

Retired Administrative, Staff, and Category II Employees

Generally, departments are not encouraged to rehire retired employees; however, extenuating circumstances may necessitate rehiring a retired employee. When necessary, retired personnel may be rehired with the approval of Employment Services and the line Vice President and must comply with limitations outlined in the Post Retirement Employment Policy.

Individuals will be hired in the Special Admin/Staff Assignment classification only. Retirees who were employed in full-time positions, or exceeded hours permitted in any part-time position, during the year or measurement period prior to retirement may not be hired into part-time positions until they have had a break in service of at least twenty-six full weeks after the prior employment ends. This twenty-six week break in service does not extend the three-year post-retirement period during which part-time employment may be allowed.  The individual hired cannot exceed 910 hours per year.

Individuals hired in the Special Admin/Staff Assignment classification will not:

  • Represent the University at conferences and/or official gatherings.
  • Make decisions that impact the University or its resources.
  • Attend educational or training conferences.
  • Receive the annual PDP’s and the normal annual pay raises.
  • Serve on University committees.

In most instances, individuals hired post-retirement will need to complete a new ecclesiastical clearance.

Before beginning work the individual will need to visit the Staff and Administrative Employment Office. A new form I-9 will need to be completed due to a break in employment.

Individuals may be hired at the same hourly rate of pay if performing similar work.

Post-retirement employment at BYU is in an excluded class and does not accrue additional retirement benefits through the university or Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators (DMBA). Income paid to retired personnel employed by the university is in addition to any regular DMBA retirement income.




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