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Savings Match "Per Pay Period" Rule

The University may only send match money for an eligible participant to the Deseret Mutual Thrift Plan for pay periods in which a participant's savings money is sent to the Deseret Mutual Thrift Plan. A problem arises if the participant is putting money into savings only on a tax-deferred basis and reaches the deferral limit ($16,500 for 2011) before the end of the calendar year. When the deferral limit is reached, the BYU payroll system automatically stops tax- sheltered deductions. Then, since no participant savings money is sent during the pay period, no match money may be sent. An option to resolve this problem involves making after-tax contributions to the Deseret Mutual Thrift Plan, which will allow personnel to continue receiving the BYU match. This will not happen automatically. The participant must initiate action that provides for continuation of the BYU matching funds in a timely manner.  The Benefits Office attempts to contact people who have reached the limits and will be losing matching funds; however, the participant is ultimately responsible to monitor their own contributions and take action to avoid losing the matching funds.

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