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Salary Review Pages

There are four different tabs you will be working with as you proceed with the Salary Review Process: “Salary Guidelines,” “Salary Instructions,” “Salary Review/Increase,” and “Salary Exclusions.”

  1. The “Salary Guidelines” tab provides information regarding pay-for-performance, the notification letters, and additional training resources.
  2. The “Salary Instructions” tab provides definition of terms and deadline information.
  3. The “Salary Review/Increase” tab is where you will work with the new salaries for the employees in the departments you supervise. There are many features to help you on this tab.
  4. The “Salary Exclusions” tab will indicate employees who are on leave of absence or who have been excluded from the review/increase process. This tab also lists vacant/open positions. The purpose of this tab is to remind approvers and supervisors of people who may be returning from leave during the increase process or who may need to have an exclusion removed. It also allows the Compensation Department to move those on leave to your salary review list and fill open positions during the increase process. Funds listed on this tab may not be redistributed to other employees.

System Roles

Top Approver: : The person responsible for a college or division of the University. This person will give final approval for salaries in their respective areas.

A Top Approver may:

  • Re-allocate funds between departments.
  • Assign an Assistant to the Top Approver such as an administrative assistant or controller to assist in the clerical aspects of the process.

Supervisor/Approver: Typically a manager or supervisor over a subdivision of a college or division and is responsible to enter the increases for each employee in his/her area. Salary review information will flow through the Supervisor/Approver to the Top Approver for final approval. Note that one person can be both the Supervisor/Approver and the Top Approver.

Please Note: Those authorized to view your salary pages, such as secretaries and assistant deans, should NOT submit the final approval. The Top Approver needs to be logged in and click the "Approve" button to send final notification to the Compensation Department which will record his/her electronic signature.


June 3, 2013 to June 28, 2013
Departments may work on the Salary Review Process.
June 28, 2013
Top Approvers need to approve and submit their lists by this day.
Employee letters with new salaries will be delivered to Vice Presidents and distributed to supervisors. It is recommended that supervisors discuss these letters with individual employees.
September 20, 2013
First pay day reflecting new staff wage rates.
September 30, 2013
First pay day reflecting new administrative salaries.

If you need assistance with any phase of the Raise/Salary Review process or have questions, please contact your HR Consultant listed below:

Name Phone Email
Denise Haney 2-6877
Kirsten Coats 2-6802
Brittany Goff 2-5113
Greg Danklef 2-1962

You may also use the HR Consultant Directory by clicking here.

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