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There are basements available for use in each quad in South Wymount (except Quad 3). Basements can only be reserved between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. for up to three hours. Basements can be scheduled 30 days in advance. Tenants reserving the basement are responsible to clean up (put away chairs, remove garbage, etc.). If the basement is left dirty, a charge will be added to the tenant's student account. Call the Wymount Office at least 48 hours in advance to schedule a basement. Basements cannot be used for business events or to watch movies. Red punch is not allowed in the basements.

Community Aides

Community Aides are Family Housing residents chosen to help promote a sense of belonging to their respective communities. The Community Aides provide assistance to you by providing the following services:

If you do not know who your Community Aide is, please contact the Wymount Office. Community Aides are not responsible for interpreting university or housing procedures or guidelines. If you have any questions regarding these items, please contact management at the Wymount Office.

Family Housing (Wymount Office)

The Student Family Housing Offices provide several services. Residents may:

Hours: Monday - Friday (except legal holidays)
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Phone: (801) 422-2549
E-mail: wymount@byu.edu

Furnishing & Appliances

Apartments include a family-sized refrigerator, stove & oven, garbage disposal, and blinds. Each apartment is equipped with wireless internet access.

Stoves in quads 1-7 and 16-17 are fueled by gas. Stoves in buildings 8-15 are electric.

If any appliance malfunctions, the problem should be reported immediately to Auxiliary Maintenance at 801-422-4411, where arrangements will be made to have the unit repaired. In some cases it may be necessary to take the appliance to the shop for repair. In this case, a temporary replacement will be left in the apartment until the appliance is repaired. You may not remove appliances from your apartment.

Laundry Facilities

Student Family Housing is serviced by various Laundromats (Wymount Terrace has five facilities). Each Laundromat has standard-size washers and dryers, double-load washers and dryers, and two soak sinks.

The washers and dryers can be operated with coins or by using your Signature card. Once your agreement begins, you will receive the discounted price shown below.

Machine Type Cash Price Signature Card
Discounted Price
Regular Washer $2.00 $0.80
Regular Dryer $0.75 $0.38
Large Washer - $1.40
Large Dryer - $0.95

If you do not receive the discounted price when using your Signature Card, you must, within 30 days of the missed discount, provide a print out of your Signature Card account with the nondiscounted charge(s) highlighted to the Signature Card Office at 2310 WSC.

Laundry equipment and facilities are maintained daily by custodial and maintenance personnel. Any malfunctions or problems with the equipment should be reported to Auxiliary Maintenance at 801-422-4411 during business hours, Monday through Friday or by submitting a "Needs Repair" card located in the laundries to the Wymount Office. If the laundry machines malfunction and funds are taken from your Signature Card, you may contact the Signature Card Office at 801-422-3866 to receive a refund.

Do not leave items unattended at any time in the laundry facilities. BYU is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Parking & Transportation

Residents of Wymount Terrace are required to register their cars online at police.byu.edu. Wymount Residents have "Y" parking priveleges. Parking priveleges are free of charge.

The BYU Traffic Office will register up to two vehicles per apartment. Visitors must use unnumbered stalls. No storage parking is available for trailers, recreational vehicles, or unregistered vehicles.

UTA bus stops are located near Wymount. Visit the UTA website for bus pass information.

See the Parking & Trailers Guidelines for more information.

Recreation & Play Areas

Playground equipment is provided in the Student Family Housing area. Parents allow children to play on these facilities at their own risk and agree to release BYU from any liability arising from the use of these facilities, even if it results from the negligence of BYU.

Wymount Terrace has a softball diamond located east of the office building. In addition, Student Family Housing provides volleyball courts, basketball courts, picnic areas, and recreational lawn areas.


Locker facilities are available for Wymount residents. A full-sized locker is $3.00 a month and measures 48 in. wide x 42 in. high x 24 in. deep. There are smaller lockers varying in dimensions for $2.00 a month. Charges will be posted on your student account and may be paid with your monthly rent. Basic locker rules are as follows:

Large appliance storage is also available to Wymount residents for $1.00 per item per month. You may store items like washers and dryers and large BBQ's. With the exception of the storage cages and large appliance storage, no storage areas outside the apartments are provided.


Monthly rates include gas, water, sewer/refuse removal, IPTV* (not cable), and high-speed wireless internet connection. Telephone landlines are not available. If your TV is not compatible with IPTV, you will need to rent a set top box for a nominal monthly fee from the Office of Information Technology (it.byu.edu). Tenants are responsible for electricity.

*Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is a system through which television services are delivered using an Internet protocol suite over a packet-switched network such as the Internet, instead of being delivered through traditional satellite signals and cable television formats.