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Frequently Asked Questions

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Room Selection/Contracting

When can I sign up for housing?

Fall/Winter and Summer room selection will take place during late March and early April. Winter Only room selection will take place during late November or early December. Spring room selection will take place in February and March.

Can I tour the buildings?

You are welcome to tour the housing areas. To do so, contact each area office individually.

Helaman Halls
Heritage Halls
Wyview Park

Can I have a Fall-Only contract?

No; contracts are for both Fall and Winter Semesters. If you will be leaving BYU, going on a mission, getting married, or entering the military after Fall you may petition to be released from the winter portion of your contract.

My friend and I want to live together, can you set that up for us?

Before room selection dates are sent out, we allow students to indicate their roommate preference. Just before room selection dates are sent out, we close roommate preference to prevent students from shopping for a roommate with a better date as this would be unfair to other students. Once room selection has begun, in order to be fair to all the students signing up for housing we cannot make special arrangements to get you and your friend together. You are welcome to submit room swaps to try to move into the same room, but that will be your responsibility.

Do I have to have a meal plan?

Only Helaman Halls residents are required to have a meal plan, but Heritage Halls and Wyview Park residents are encouraged to obtain a meal plan. A meal plans is a great option for everyone.

Where are the new buildings and how do I sign up to live in one?

The new buildings at Heritage Halls are located on the north end of Heritage where Deseret Towers used to be and the southeast corner of Heritage. Buildings 25-28 have been open since the 2011-12 school year, buildings 9, 29, and 30 since Fall 2013, and 10 since Winter of 2014.

I don't like my room selection date. Can I get a different one?

Room selection dates are assigned based on when students completed their application to the University. Your date may not be moved up or changed, even if you will be out of town on your room selection date. If you feel an error was made during the application process, please contact the Admissions Office.

What do the different colored beds mean?

Green beds are available and open for you to select. Yellow beds are on hold for another student. Red beds are taken. White beds are unavailable. White beds may be in the Hall Advisor’s apartment, the RA’s room, on hold for a student with disabilities, or not being used.

The room selection process tells me that I can’t live on campus because I’ve been evicted. Why?

Go back to Step 6. Did you check both boxes? Checking the boxes indicates that you have never been evicted and you are not a convicted sex offender. Both of these boxes must be checked in order to contract for a room.

How do I know if I successfully secured a room?

Log into your My Housing Account. If you successfully contracted for a room you will have received a message saying Agreement Submitted. Also, on the right side of the page look under Future Accommodations. Your room will be listed there.

How do I check my room assignment?

Log into your My Housing Account. On the right side of the page, look under Future Accommodations. Your room will be listed there.

Where can I find my future roommates' names?

After you have contracted for a room click on “Housing Agreement (Room Selection)” under the “Single Housing tab” of your My Housing Account. Under your floor plan you will see a list of your roommates and their email addresses.

How can I swap my room?

Go under the Single Housing tab, click Housing Agreement, click the appropriate term, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Find a Different room. Find a room you would like to swap into and click on a desired bed to submit the swap request. A message will be sent to the student that is currently in that spot, letting them know you would like to change rooms with them. They will have 48 hours in which to respond to the swap. If they don’t take any action within that time, the swap will expire. If they accept or decline the swap, you will receive a message informing you of their decision. If the swap is for a future term the swap will then be complete. If the swap is for a current term, your Hall Advisors must approve the change. Remember, once a swap request has gone through, the change is final.

Can I get on a waiting list for housing?

There is not a waiting list for on-campus housing.

I couldn't get a room on my room selection date. Can I sign-up for someone's cancelled contract? My internet is slow.

We encourage you to stick with it each Monday and Wednesday. With the number of freshmen coming and the number of cancellations we expect, we anticipate being able to house all the freshmen who want to live on campus; it may just take some time before you are able to secure a contract. You may try finding a faster internet connection. As we get later in the summer we will see more beds open up. Historically we have gone into Fall Semester with empty spaces.

All the rooms in Heritage are full, but I want to live there.

We simply do not have the space to house all of the students who want to live in Heritage Halls. We understand that Heritage may be your preference, but we are confident that you would also enjoy living in Helaman Halls or Wyview Park.

I’m going on a mission after fall semester. How can I be released from the rest of my agreement?

During October or November you will need to submit a Petition for Agreement Release. You can find this petition under the Single Housing tab of your My Housing Account. Type in what mission you are going to and the date you will enter the MTC and submit the petition. If you have not yet received your mission call, indicate so on the petition. You will need to submit your missionary deferment form to the BYU Admissions Office or send a copy of your mission call to the Campus Accommodations Office in order to be released from your housing contract and receive a refund of your $100 security deposit. If you have registered for Winter classes, you will need to drop these before you can be released from your contract.

I’m getting married. How can I get out of my single student contract?

Congratulations! After you decide to get married, submit a Petition for Agreement Release. You can find this petition under the Single Housing tab of your My Housing Account. Type in the date of your marriage and submit the petition. You may be released from your contract up to 7 days before your marriage. You will need to update your marital status with the University or send a copy of your marriage certificate to the Campus Accommodations Office in order to be released from your housing contract and receive a refund of your $100 security deposit.

How do I move off-campus in the middle of the year?

Your contract is for both Fall and Winter Semesters and lasts through the middle of April. You may not move off-campus halfway through your contract. You may submit a Petition for Agreement Release and receive permission to find a replacement.

I want to sell my contract at the end of fall semester. How do I do that?

If at anytime you wish to get out of your contract you must submit a Petition for Agreement Release. (This is under the Single Housing tab of your My Housing Account) If you are leaving the University or going on a mission you can be released, but if you want to move off-campus or you are having roommate trouble you will probably not be released. However, you will be given the option of finding a replacement to take your place for the remainder of your contract. This replacement must be someone who does not already have an on-campus contract.

Where can I read my contract?

After you have submitted a housing agreement, you may go back and read your contract at any time by logging into your My Housing Account, going under the Single Housing tab, clicking Housing Agreement, clicking the appropriate agreement period, and in the table at the top clicking the "View Agreement" link.


I am not attending school in July. Why is there a housing and/or meal plan July payment?

We take the full cost of living on-campus for Fall and Winter Semesters and divide it into ten payments, five for each semester. Two of these payments, July and August, are due before the agreement begins. Each payment covers 23 days, not a full month. Splitting the cost up makes the payments smaller and easier for you and your family to budget.

Why are there ten payments if I live on-campus for eight months?

We take the total cost of your contract and divide it into 10 payments, five for each semester. Payments begin in July and continue through April. By splitting the payments up we make them smaller and easier for families to handle. This also allows us to identify those who will not be attending Fall Semester but still have contracts so we can open their housing up for other students.

Moving In

Why do I have to schedule a check-in time if I will be living in Heritage Halls?

Everyone hates long lines. With scheduled check-in times we hope to reduce these lines by having the right number of staff there when you arrive. Scheduled check-in times will also help reduce traffic congestion due to limited parking around Heritage Halls.

Can my parents help me move in?

Your family is welcome to help you move in. Members of the opposite gender may help you move in and be in your bedroom from 10 AM to 9 PM the day your arrive. After that, members of the opposite gender may not be in your bedroom except at Helaman Halls during designated Open House hours.

After my family drops me off can they stay with me?

We’re sorry, but the residents halls are Single Student Housing. Your roommates will be arriving soon and there will not be space for your family to stay. Also, members of the opposite gender may not be in your dorm/apartment past visiting hours.

How much does it cost to check-in early?

When early check-in is available, students will be charged $15 per night. For check-in dates and early check-in instructions, visit the Moving In page.

Can I and how do I mail my stuff to my new room before I arrive?

You may mail your belongings to your new room, provided they do not arrive more than a week before you do. Send them to your dorm mailing address and you may pick them up after you check in.

Why is there a gap between the summer and fall contracts?

Finals for Summer term end August 15th. Summer housing contracts end the 17th. Classes don’t start up again until September 2nd. During those two weeks BYU hosts Education Week and we use much of on-campus housing to accommodate these guests to the University.

What do I do with my stuff during that time?

You may contact the central building of the area in which you will be living for Fall to see if temporary storage is available.

Can I stay for the break?

We encourage students to return home during the two weeks between Summer and Fall as there will be little for them to do. If your circumstances will not allow that, we have a limited amount of interim housing available. You may contact the central building of the area in which you will be living for Fall to see if this is available

How long is my bed?

In Helaman Halls (except David John) the beds are extra-long twin. David John has standard twin beds. In Heritage Halls, all the beds except in Buildings 9-10 and 25-30 are standard twin. Buildings 9-10 25-30 have extra-long twin beds. All the beds in Wyview Park are extra-long twin. Linens are not provided in any of the three on-campus housing areas so you will need to bring your own sheets and blankets.

How much storage space is under the bed?

We don’t have measurements for all the rooms, but there is generally 27 inches of storage space under the beds if they have been raised. Beds in all of Helaman except Building 9 have been raised. Building 9 in Helaman and Buildings 9-10 and 25-30 in Heritage have a limited number of lofting kits available. You may speak to your Hall Advisor about getting one of these after you check-in. The beds in the rest of Heritage have been raised. In Wyview the beds in the Single Rooms have been raised. The Shared rooms have bunkbeds; there are about 27 inches of space under the bottom bunk.

Living On Campus

Do I have to live on-campus as a freshman?

It is not required for freshmen to live on campus, but it is encouraged. Living on campus gives you access to the support of Residence Life staff like your RA and Hall Advisor, who can help you transition into college life away from home. The Residence Halls Association also organizes many activities throughout the year including dances. Students living off-campus are typically upperclassmen, whereas most of the people on campus will be freshman. Living on campus is a great way to transition into your first year of living on your own.

What's my mailing address?

You can check your mailing address by logging into your My Housing Account. On the right side of the page look under Future Accommodations. Your mailing address will be listed there. Often it is just your room number followed by the name of your hall. The zip code is 84604. Don’t put BYU in the mailing address as that may delay your mail.

Do I need a parking pass?

You do not need to obtain a physical parking pass, but you will need to register your car online with the BYU Parking Office at police.byu.edu As the parking officers drive through the parking lots, the scanners on the top of their car will read your license plate number and check it against their database of registered cars.

I'm not a freshman. Can I live on campus?

Returning Resident/Upperclassman housing is currently available for Fall/Winter 2014-15. In Heritage Halls Buildings 9 and 10, Hinckley and Budge Hall of Helaman Halls, and in Wyview Park Buildings 1-5 are reserved for upperclassmen. Upperclassmen may also contract for housing outside of these designated areas, but they will be living with freshmen.

I don't think I can get along with my future roommates. I can't get along with the roommates I have now.

We encourage you to try working things out with your roommates. Before you arrive you can email your roommates to set up apartment quiet hours and cleanliness standards. After moving-in you can work with your RA and Hall Advisor to resolve conflicts within the apartment. The Conflict Resolution Center in the Wilk is also a good resource to turn to. If you find that you just can’t work things out, you may swap into a different room.

Can I have a guest stay with me?

You may have a guest for up to three consecutive nights if both of you are at least 18 years old and they are of the same gender. You need to get approval in advance from your Hall Advisor and roommates before having a guest. You are responsible for your guest’s behavior at all times, and your guest will need to present identification when they arrive. If you have a guest without approval you will be charged a $40 per night fee.

Do I have to be taking classes to live on campus?

To be eligible for on-campus housing you must be an admitted full-time day continuing BYU student enrolled in classes. As an undergrad, you must be registered for at least 9 credits per semester in fall and winter and at least 4 credits per term during spring and summer. Graduate students must be enrolled in at least 2 credits per semester or term. UVU students, evening students, and ELC students are not eligible to live on-campus.

Why isn't there parking at Heritage?

BYU's goal is to create a pedestrian-friendly campus, involving as little traffic as possible. For this reason, as we construct new housing on campus, it will feature green space--including bike parking--and access to remote, but not on-site, parking. Lots at the Marriott Center and the Law School are meant for students who must commute to campus, so we encourage students who live within walking distance of campus to not worry about bringing vehicles to school.

Car sharing is now available on campus, which allows students to rent cars by the hour for occasional needs. UTA buses go through and by campus, and to and from Salt Lake City every day. UTA offers bus passes on its website. There is also a private shuttle service available from Wyview Park to the Museum of Art. Wyview residents may also participate in a bike sharing program.

If you believe you must have a vehicle at school with you, you may want to consider living in Helaman Halls or Wyview Park, where on-site parking is available. If Heritage Halls is still your favorite option, there will be parking space provided at an off-site location.

Are there dishwashers in the Wyview apartments?

Nope. We encourage you to buy a drying rack, towels, dish rags or sponges, and dish soap.

Can I bring a blender/toaster oven/etc?

If you live in Heritage or Wyview you are welcome to. However we ask that you store these items in the kitchen. In Helaman Halls, small appliances are not allowed as there is no kitchen to store them in. Each building in Helaman Halls has a microwave on the main floor (and most have an additional one in the basement) that you are free to use.

Can I have small appliances in my room?

Please do not store or use small appliances in your bedroom. We don’t want to create fire hazards for you or your neighbors.

Are there kitchens in Helaman?

Helaman Halls provides a kitchenette in the basement of each building, except in Building 9 where it is on the main floor in the lobby. Each kitchenette is equipped with a sink, refrigerator, microwave, stove and an oven. These kitchenettes are the only kitchens in Helaman Halls. You are more than welcome to use them and to store items in the fridge. You can even check out cooking supplies, such as cookie sheets, spatulas, blenders and oven mitts from the hall offices.

Do Heritage and Wyview provide dishes and/or cookingware?

No, you will need to bring your own dishes and cookingware.

However, Wyview has a front desk where you can borrow special cookware. While the main desk at Helaman and Heritage Halls does not loan out cooking supplies, you can borrow them from any hall office.

Which housing area is the closest to "campus"?

All of on-campus housing is just that--on campus. Heritage Halls is a 5 minute walk from the library. Helaman is 10 minutes from the library. Wyview is 20.

What are visiting hours?

Guests of the opposite gender may not be in your dorm or apartment outside of visiting hours. They may not be in bedrooms or bathrooms. You are responsible for the behavior of your visitor. Visiting hours are as follows:

Helaman Halls Visiting Hours

Lobby Hours
Saturday-Thursday 8:00 a.m. - Midnight
Friday 8:00 a.m. - 1:30 a.m.
TV Room Hours
Everyday 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Heritage Halls Visiting Hours

Apartment Hours
Sunday-Thursday 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Friday-Saturday 10:00 a.m. - Midnight
Lobby and Common Room Hours
Saturday-Thursday 8:00 a.m. - Midnight
Friday 8:00 a.m. - 1:30 a.m.

Wyview Park Visiting Hours

Apartment Hours
Saturday-Thursday 9:00 a.m. - Midnight
Friday 9:00 a.m. - 1:30 a.m.

Open House

Helaman Halls has an open house on Wednesdays and Sundays from 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.