On-Campus Housing

Room Selection

When Do I Select My Room? | When Do I Select My Meal Plan? | How Can I Change My Room Selection?

We recommend you view our online On-Campus Living: Room Selection brochure!

The following information is applicable to prospective residents of Helaman Halls, Heritage Halls, and Wyview Park. Room assignments for Foreign Language Student Residence are done by the Humanities Department.

When Do I Select My Room?

Students who are admitted to the university are automatically eligible to live in on-campus housing--no additional application is necessary.

Room selection dates are based on the completion date of each student's application to the university.

Spring 2014

Summer 2014

Fall-Winter 2014-15:

There is no guarantee that any spaces will still be available on your particular Room Selection Date!

When Do I Select My Meal Plan?

You will select your meal plan as part of the room selection process. For information about meal plans offered on campus, take a look at our online On-Campus Living: Meal Plans & Dining Info brochure.

How Can I Change My Room Selection?

You may select a different room at any time before or during the agreement period on My Housing Account by selecting "Housing Agreement (Room Selection)" from the Single Housing tab. Select the semester/term and click on "Find a Different Room" at the bottom of the page.

Available beds will appear green; you are welcome to select any of these. A bed appears orange if its current resident has indicated that he or she might be willing to swap rooms with another resident. If you select an orange bed, a Room Swap Request will be sent to the current resident of that bed. The swap will be complete when the other student accepts your Room Swap Request and that request is approved by your hall advisor and their hall advisor.

Whether you are changing or swapping, make sure to obtain a confirmation number after submitting an agreement for the new space.

Click here for more information and instructions regarding Room Swaps.